tirsdag den 29. januar 2008


I wish I’d been as cool as her, when I was a teenager - without the pregnancy though.
Last week when the Oscar nominations were announced the only thing the Danish media noticed was that Viggo (half-a-Dane) Mortensen was nominated for best actor. Therefore, it has just now come to my attention that Juno has actually received 4 nominations – including best actress for Ellen Page who plays Juno. (Well done!)

I must admit, that when I saw Juno it was with a subconscious certainty that it would not be Oscar material. I mean, there are some films that you just know are a sure hit at the Oscars – like The English Patient and A Beautiful Mind. But I guess every year has its small surprises: gay cowboys and pregnant teens – what will be next?
Oscar or not, I think Juno is a brilliant film! The dialogue is razor-sharp and really funny, making the story line more original than you first imagine. The story deals with a teenage pregnancy in an unconventional and original way. At the same time the film takes time to show Juno’s surroundings with a warm attention. The portraits of the adoption couple and of Juno’s family life with her father and stepmother are filled with emotional and creative details.

Apart from her accidental pregnancy Juno seems to be a girl in control and any signs of insecurity are well hidden underneath her funny and refreshing wise-girl attitude. Her style is well put together and her interest in music makes her come off as the nonchalant indie chick that even the ‘popular guy’ in school has a crush on. It is maybe a little too good to be true, but what the h... – it made me wish I’d been more like her when I was sixteen.
What I especially like about this film is that it’s about Juno and not about teenage pregnancy as such. The centre of attention is on her and her choices and the film therefore conveniently avoids dealing the whole moral issue. Ellen Page gives Juno the right attitude and wit and still manages to reveal her vulnerability. The fact that teenage troubles like getting a date for the prom are still serious issues in Juno’s world keeps the film ‘real’ and down to earth. And that’s what this film is: a down to earth, funny, piece about Juno, who just happens to get pregnant.

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