torsdag den 31. december 2009

Nerd Girl wishes you a happy new year

Resolutions for 2010:

Read more:

Poetry.  For some reason I tend to forget the amazing pleasure poetry can give you. I read novels and magazines, but the intensity and simplicity just isn’t there.  So 2010 will be a year of intense feelings and short sentences. So far on the shelf for 2010: Naja Maria Aidt: 'Alting blinker'. 

Wear more:

High heels.  Sneakers are still my preferred type of footwear, which is a shame as I love girls in heels and actually own quite a few lovely pairs of high heeled shoes. So Nerd Girl will do her best to walk and talk in heels in 2010.

Eat more:

Cake. Of course! You can never eat too much of really well-made, delicious cake. Small patisseries are popping up all over Copenhagen at the moment and I think 2010 is the year to visit them all.

See you in 2010!

søndag den 20. december 2009

Lets eat the tree

I love Christmas cookies and I love to bake them. This year I got some new cutters to add to my rather modest and very old collection of Christmas cookie cutters. The cookies I’ve baked this year are simple Danish butter cookies and I’ve baked them both for eating and to use on my Christmas tree as decorations.

I inherited my glass Christmas ornaments from my grand mothers. And I really love them and take extreme care that nothing happens to them. They are my most cherished items, I guess because they are so fragile, old and rare.

It is an old Danish tradition to put Danish flags on the Christmas tree - I think that there are paintings of some of the earliest Danish Christmas trees in about the1850s with Danish flags on and I have no idea why. – From my point of view there is absolutely no patriotism or nationalism involved. I guess it's the same with the way we use our flag for birthdays and other celebrations.

lørdag den 12. december 2009

Hopenhagen: the place to be this December

Copenhagen is a crazy place to live at the moment. The trafic is totally changed and a lot of the large roads are blocked. All because of - of course - COP15. One of the most special places in the city right now is the City Hall Square where a whole new city has emerged for the climate summit. It's 'Hopenhagen live' a city within the city where the peoples climate activities are taking place. Lots of things are going on - concerts, small special events and you can read all
about it all here: Hopenhagen live.
In all the small green houses there are all sorts of things going on for example environmentally friendly x-mas decorations and you can buy the special Henrik Vibskov 'climate-fashion' scarf and hat to keep you warm in this cold winter.

søndag den 6. december 2009

Advent: to stay and to go

Christmas is my favorite time of year, especially because of the traditions and the candles. Advent is the four Sundays before the 24th and the Advent wreath with four candles are very popular here as a way of counting down the dark days until the light returns to the sky. Originally it might have been a Christian thing, but for me it mostly a was of have some candles and light to fight the darkness.

This Sunday is the third Sunday before Christmas and so there are two candles lit. My Advent wreath is very old. It used to belong to my Grandmother and I guess it's from the 1940s or 50s. It is made of iron and has room for clementines decorated with cloves. It always makes my apartment smell like Christmas.

This year I found another type of Advent wreath. - A more modern version than mine. This is a ‘take-away’ Advent wreath in a handy little box, so you can put it in your purse and take it to your friends when you go visit.

So while your candles are burning and you're enjoying some delicious Christmas cake and tea what better time than to send your friends and family a vintage design Christmas card. I found these beautiful ones at End of the Day Crafting on Etsy.