lørdag den 1. oktober 2011

Muuse – original fashion at its core

Experience fashion before the stylists tell you what’s hot. I just found this cool Danish website that has now removed all the filters of trendsetters, retailers and stylists and brings you the newest in fashion design directly from the young designers themselves.

Muuse.com is a site and web shop that shows and sells the creations of young designers straight out of the leading designer schools across the world with the possibility of buying these limited edition garments.

I think the concept is intriguing and I love the idea of slow fashion where the quality and style is based on the actual craft of the garment and not just what is popular at the moment. Muuse is based in Copenhagen and work with local tailors who sew up the designs in limited editions, making each piece original. The styles and designs are all very different, but all equally interesting and creative. So check it out!