lørdag den 31. januar 2009

Nerd Girl, in the living room, with a cocktail

I think it’s time ignore the financial crisis and live life like the dandies. For one night let’s pretend that we are rich, successful and have no worries in the world – and what better place, than at the place of the month.
Place of the month of January is carefully chosen for its decadence and beautiful spot in the city centre. Extravagant, over the top, but still very classy, describes this place.
I can’t say that this is a nerdy place. But for some reason this nerd girl still ended up feeling totally at home amongst the rich and beautiful on her visit to Ruby.
Ruby’s cocktail bar is set in an apartment - decorated just like a living room making you feel as if you just popped in on an old friend for a drink. A dim lighting, comfy pillows and couches and the friendliest bartenders, I have ever met.
And the drinks, oh, the drinks... The selection is a fine blend of the classics and their very own delicious recipes. It is not at cheap place, drinks are about 100kr a piece - but you really only need one or two to get the night going.

søndag den 25. januar 2009

Iittala espresso cups

There is nothing like a good cup of coffee and I’m a big fan of strong espressos. And what better way to enjoy one, than in one of these beautiful cups by Iittala. The illustrations are by Klaus Haapaniemi, a really interesting Finnish illustrator who has worked with, among others, Diesel, Levis and Marimekko. Looking at his other illustrative work it becomes clear to me that he usually works with much more elaborate and colourful motives and that the owls and curvy details on these espresso cups might be a bit simple for his usual style. Among other things he has created a beautiful set-design for Cacharel catwalk:
Homemade biscotti
With espresso steaming out of these beautiful cups, you need a bite of something sweet to complete the coffee experience. On that note I made my own biscotti with almonds and chocolate. I did my best to make sure they did not end up being too hard to chew and at the same time still crunchy enough to dip in the coffee without it leaving a soup of crumbs in there.

mandag den 19. januar 2009

Let the right one in

Last night I went to see the Swedish vampire film ‘Let the right one in’. It is based on a book by John Ajvide Lindqvist and it is directed by Thomas Alfredson.
It is the first Scandinavian vampire movie I have ever seen and I must admit that it scared the shit out of me.
Take all our cold, dark winters, add a bit of the classical social realism in the form of a young boy being bullied at school and then stir in a vampire tale. It is actually sort of comic in places and also kind of sweet in other parts but for some reason also really alarming. – I guess it’s the mix of all those things so familiar and then such a twist of horror.
I won’t write anything about what happens as it would spoil the plot. But the two main characters a young girl and boy really shine through making you sympathise with all the killing and bloodshed.
The film is so original with its quite realism and a story that is totally unpredictable and well written.

mandag den 12. januar 2009

Nerd Girl dresses up for the family

My cool aunt Sally is celebrating her 50th birthday this month and she’s throwing a great party, which I’m sure will be great. But what to wear? Seriously, this Nerd Girl usually doesn't have a problem with picking out her outfits, but when it comes to the family-things I'm always sort of lost.

And for some reason what I seem to dig out of the closet is always too formal, too casual or too sexy – in short: not really good for the family occasions.
So instead of going through the usual fashion magazines, I went on Polyvore to get inspired and create my own outfits and family birthday kind of style. And here you are: my three examples of what to wear for the next big family thing:

In my family at the moment it’s not 4 weddings and a funeral, but something like three 60th birthdays, one 50th birthday, one wedding, one 25th year wedding anniversary and a funeral– all in about one year.
Not that I don't enjoy hanging with the oldies - Nerd Girl loves old people - but on the fashion front you get tirde of the same type of dress for all those gatherings.
I think my next project on Polyvore will be the perfect 'meet-the-parents'-outfit.

søndag den 4. januar 2009

Beautiful knitwear for a cold January

Nerd Girl is back after a long x-mas holiday. And since the real x-mas weather with snow and heavy minus degrees usually sets in around January I thought I’d introduce a cool Danish knitwear designer that I just discovered recently.
Iben Høj makes the most exquisite knitwear that will keep both you and your fashion sense warm and bright throughout the winter.
The garments are extremely delicate and in an interview made for Danish television she explains how her designs are exclusive, as she will not compromise the quality of the material or the knitting technique, making the pieces rare and more expensive than the usual knitwear. Iben Høj’s designs are definitely within a class of their own. It is so artistic and almost avant garde in its structure. The lovely Helena is apparently also a fan of Iben Høj's dresses as you see below.