søndag den 4. januar 2009

Beautiful knitwear for a cold January

Nerd Girl is back after a long x-mas holiday. And since the real x-mas weather with snow and heavy minus degrees usually sets in around January I thought I’d introduce a cool Danish knitwear designer that I just discovered recently.
Iben Høj makes the most exquisite knitwear that will keep both you and your fashion sense warm and bright throughout the winter.
The garments are extremely delicate and in an interview made for Danish television she explains how her designs are exclusive, as she will not compromise the quality of the material or the knitting technique, making the pieces rare and more expensive than the usual knitwear. Iben Høj’s designs are definitely within a class of their own. It is so artistic and almost avant garde in its structure. The lovely Helena is apparently also a fan of Iben Høj's dresses as you see below.

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

Kender du http://www.amimono.dk/ Som er den danske srikkedesigner Helga Isagers mærke. Hun laver nogle fine ting - omend i meget små størrelser :P

deep_in_vogue sagde ...

aming knitwear in deed! wow!