mandag den 12. januar 2009

Nerd Girl dresses up for the family

My cool aunt Sally is celebrating her 50th birthday this month and she’s throwing a great party, which I’m sure will be great. But what to wear? Seriously, this Nerd Girl usually doesn't have a problem with picking out her outfits, but when it comes to the family-things I'm always sort of lost.

And for some reason what I seem to dig out of the closet is always too formal, too casual or too sexy – in short: not really good for the family occasions.
So instead of going through the usual fashion magazines, I went on Polyvore to get inspired and create my own outfits and family birthday kind of style. And here you are: my three examples of what to wear for the next big family thing:

In my family at the moment it’s not 4 weddings and a funeral, but something like three 60th birthdays, one 50th birthday, one wedding, one 25th year wedding anniversary and a funeral– all in about one year.
Not that I don't enjoy hanging with the oldies - Nerd Girl loves old people - but on the fashion front you get tirde of the same type of dress for all those gatherings.
I think my next project on Polyvore will be the perfect 'meet-the-parents'-outfit.

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Anonym sagde ...

Jeg stemmer for outfit 3 :D Men det lyder som om du har massere af lejligheder at bruge de forskellige outfits til. Jeg har aldrig stødt på polyvore før! Very interesting!