søndag den 28. september 2008

Kiss me you fool

A late birthsday gift presented me with this brilliant concept of cosmetics: Bésame. Spanish for 'kiss me' this brand specialises in retro designed make-up.

Take this lipstick in an old fashion 'bullet-design' with beautiful almost art deco-ornamentation. Honestly, even though I don't usually wear lipstick – actually, I never wear lipstick- the design alone has convinced me to try. I mean, is there any better reason for painting your lips than to look like a 1930s diva? Not in my book.
Now just comes the time to actually learn how to apply it without looking like a 10 year-old in the end.

onsdag den 17. september 2008

Nerdy pleasures

Nerd Girl is back after a short unintended break here in my favourite month of the year September.
I’ve been busy enjoying this great autumn weather and I had my birthday last week.
I received many wonderful presents. Two good friends of mine brought me the two best examples of Danish chocolates: Peter Beier and Summerbird.
Like most people I’ll go crazy for cacao and chocolate - mostly the dark, bitter, heavy stuff. But for some reason I would never buy this insanely delicious stuff for myself. I’ll go for something like the ‘Lindt 70% cacao’ if I’m really letting my hair down. Fancy chocolates are in my opinion reserved for gifts, for others and for special occasions. And mostly because it’s so beautifully wrapped and decorated. Buying it for myself, the package would last about 30 sec. and the creativity of the decoration would drown completely.
But as a gift it really gets the attention it deserves.
Actually I don’t really receive this kind of chocolate that often, in fact I think so far I’ve only tasted Summerbird a once and I’ve never tasted Peter Beier before. So this was a treat. And I enjoyed each piece to the fullest.

mandag den 1. september 2008

A style tribute to the 20s and 30s

It’s not secret that I, at the moment, am a big fan of the whole 1920s and 1930s style. So much that I decide to dedicate a complete post to my two favourite style icons of that period: Louise Brooks and Marlene Dietrich.

First up is the lovely Louise:
She is the best example of the 1920s hairstyle and fashion, that I can find:
I’ve already got the hat and the haircut – more on that another time – so what I need is the smoky eyes and the wild and decadent dress.
Marlene Dietrich
I think she’s the only woman, I know who really looks good in a tux, a part from maybe Catharine Deneuve. but in this context, she's too innocent and fragile. Marlene is intimidating and luring – half of the look I guess is the confidence and sex she oozes.
The whole masculine look with, suit, tie and a hat really inspires me. Usually I’m not a fan of women wearing a shit and tie – the balance of being feminine in men’s clothing is just difficult.
But with Marlene, I think I’ve discovered the trick. It’s all about feeling sexy and confident. And with a cigarette in your mouth and a halo of smoke around you, what could go wrong?