fredag den 31. juli 2009

Queer in the church

Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre is one of my favourite contemporary art museums in the city. Located in the old church Saint Nikolaj right in the middle of the city, just behind the main walking street Strøget, it has such a clam and secluded space which gives the art experience a certain clam and ease I haven’t found anywhere else. On a hot summer day it is a cool place to slip in to and they almost always have really interesting exhibitions.

These days the city is filled with homo sports fans as we are hosting the World Outgames 2009. For this occasion Nikolaj has put on a really interesting exhibition about memory and history in relation to gender and sexuality. The exhibition is called 'Lost and Found Queerying the Archive' and it combines many different works from international artists.
One of them is the artist called Cecillia Barriga who in her work Two Queens has taken two of Hollywood silent cinema's biggest stars Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich in each of their signature roles and put them together in a 'fake' on screen lesbian love affair.
I made Nikolaj place of the month because it's such a special place both for it's art and the actual historical feeling the building has. It is one of the oldest churches in Copenhagen- originally from the 1200s I think and it has survived wars, fires and its tower can be seen in the city skyline everywhere, even though the actual chuch is really small.

onsdag den 29. juli 2009

Looking forward to Copenhagen fashion week

Copenhagen fashion week has grown over the last few years and is attracting more Nordic designers. This year there are more Scandinavian designers than ever before and I really look forward to getting to know them. I am especially looking forward to Bátlak & Selvig from Norway with headquarters in Oslo. Last year this designer duo won the ‘Designer of the year’ award at Oslo fashion week last year.

I especially like the colourful dresses and sharp structure in all their garments.

mandag den 20. juli 2009

Ice cream sandwiches

Summer calls for a tasty snack and what is more delicious than cool, sweet and soft ice cream? Well, it just might be chocolate cookies. So why not combine the two into a double treat? Well that's what some of my friends did and invited me to an afternoon on the terrace eating and relaxing. The ice cream is made with tofu and coconut cream and even though I never thought tofu ice cream could be just as good as normal ice cream, I must admit I was convinced by this. The sandwiches were very heavy and after two you felt pretty much like you just had dinner.

torsdag den 9. juli 2009

Happiness in a bottle

The art of creating perfume is something that has always fascinated me. That you can actually make so many different types of smells that all in different ways capture of feeling of beauty or happiness is incredible.

But of all the different scents that each fashion desinger, cosmetics brand or celebrity launch perhaps equally as enchanting is the packages they come in - the flacons.The perfume become so much more than just a scent when it comes in a beautiful flacon - it can completely light up your bathroom or dressing table and make you think that 'woaw I really can smell yourself pretty'. Like jewellery for all the senses.

Obviously the French have from the beginnging been really good at creating artistic and alluring bottle design.
However sometimes the actual scent inside isn't always as nice as the artwork outside. Even though I realise that preferences of perfumes is completely individual, which is what makes it so amazing, I personally for some reason always end up getting the scent that comes in the ultra simple and plain bottle. In some way it's really too bad. I look at my bathroom shelf I think, 'I need more glamour and excitement. But then I always get this idea that if the bottle is heavy on the art, there must be a strong and spicy smell to carry it off, which in the long run never really sticks with me. But here are some examples of classic flacons with a modern twist.