søndag den 19. juni 2011

When Swedish girls go crazy

It almost never happens. Swedes are some of the most well-behaved and self-controlled people I have ever meet. But I recently found myself in a situation with some pretty aggressive and intimidating Swedish girls. Yes, believe it or not, these beautiful blonds really have quite a temper when you meet in the right circumstances.
The circumstances were of course a shoe sale. Now cheap shoes can make any girl crazy I guess and so when it comes to a sample sale on the ever so hyped Swedish Hasbeen-clogs, you really have a lethal cocktail.
This Nerd Girl has never been good at sale-shopping. I just don’t have the killer instinct. But for these really cool shoes, I thought I’d give it a try and as nice and civilised as the Swedish girls are I thought it would work out fine... But oh how I was wrong.
These 1970s retro style sandals have been popular the last few years and were seriously put on the fashion map when Sarah Jessica Park was seen wearing them in the streets of New York. 

Swedish Handcraft
The Swedish Hasbeens are according to the website handmade in old local shoe factories around in Sweden. The production focuses on sustainability and only uses natural leather and wood. Quality that lasts is the motto for these shoes and quality costs...  Which is why the early morning sample sale was quite popular. 

The sample sale I was at offered very, very cheap prices – more than half price on almost all of the many different models. So it should be worth standing in line at 8 in the morning a long with a lot of other eager girls – some of them in fact already wearing pairs of the much hyped sandals.  
Actually I should have known better: A shoe sample sale at 8 in morning is so not a Nerd Girl-thing to do. That early my pace is about that of an elephant and I'm not i a good mood. So of course I was way too slow. Bumping into the other girls who had already snatched up 5-6 pairs of the colourful hand-made sandals they would angrily hiss ‘these are mine’ if I came too close. In the end I walked out empty-handed, wide awake and a pretty intimidated.
So when I do buy my pair of Swedish Hasbeens, not the sandals but these lovely ones -  I'll make sure to do it in a nice and calm shoe shop.