søndag den 30. august 2009

Macaron vs. Luxenburgerli

Like so many bloggers before me I'm very fond of the lovely French Macaron. When I was in Paris the last time I also visited Ladurée for a cup of tea and a taste of their ever so famous macarons. And I was not disappointed , apart from looking divine, they taste amazing. So of course I brought back a box. But very recently a friend of mine brought home a Swiss' delicacy that resembles the Macarons but are a wee bit smaller. They are called Luxenburgerli and are as far as I can taste almost the same, but just the little sister of the macaron. They are equally as tasty and with different types of flavours.

All though the small ones are really cute, I think I prefer the French macarons. The flavors come across much better in them as they are bigger. The biscuit is also more crunchy in the larger macarons.

mandag den 10. august 2009

The importance of female role models

My mom turned 62 today. On that occasion I came to think about female role models. The women in your life who have inspired you, helped you believe in yourself, and taught you things about life you didn't expect to need. I have been blessed with incredibly strong women in my family - so for me female role models have been very easy to find- my mom has and is still a huge inspiration for me.
My idea of a female role model is a woman who helps you figure out who you want to be and shows you how to be happy with yourself and not take yourself too seriously, both as a women and a person - whether it's intellectually, personally or in style.
Fashion and style is always preoccupied with youth and the idea of looking young and fresh. But whatever happened to looking wise or like you actually know something about life?
That look - the style of wisdom and maturity- is something that in my mind never goes out of fashion. The women that I look up to aren't tall, skinny or have firm skin - but they look amazing because they feel comfortable in their own skin.

Without becoming too sentimental about age, style and the beauty of the wisdom of life, I will direct your attention to a really cool blog I found a few days ago.
Advanced style is a blog dedicated to the personal style of the older and more courageous people, than you'll ever see on the Sartorialist. Here you'll see the kind of really cool, wacky, streetwise, yet old school chic kinda style, I want to have when I get old. Here are som examples from Advanced style:
Being 62 and still looking great, has something to do with your attitude to life and the people around you. It comes with the courage to trust your own taste completely, feel comfortable and just going with it. I really admire those women.

lørdag den 8. august 2009

Can you be sharp and loose at the same time?

Vilsbøl De Arce have shown their clothes at Copenhagen Fashion Week for few years now and I missed them every time. This time I saw it along with a lot of other fashion interested mortals in a show made for the public.

I always liked their futuristic avant garde style and the SS10 collection kept true to their originality.
Based in black, white and wine-red colours the look was loose and symmetrical at the same time.
Still having their signature spacey bathing suits - but this time more wearable than earlier - the collection was simple and solid. The short jackets and leather shorts with elegant details in cutting were some of me favourites, but I also really liked the jumpsuits and the general cut of the pants.

Yesterday I saw that they were featured in Dazed and Confused for an interview, which is definitely worth reading.

torsdag den 6. august 2009

The rainbow at the end of the tunnel

The first days of Copenhagen Fashion Week have showed light and loose garments. The dark gloominess from the fall collections have been replaced by light rainbow colours. Perhaps there is a trace of design-optimism in this financial crisis after all. According to the clothes next summer will be brighter.


Rüzou showed a delicate and very feminine collection with hints of fun in the sprinkles of gold, blues and pinks. Beautiful flowing dresses were combined with loose suits and in general the clothes look relaxed, comfortable and wearable.

Yesterday Bibi Ghost showed voluptuous shapes and stiffer fabrics in a simple yet strict collection that made me think of Japanese Samurais. Nothing delicate about this, except maybe for the ligth and pale colours.
The graduates from the Danish Design School had created a very impressive show, with some really interesting prints and silhouettes. So far I must say that this was the most playful and fun styles, probably because these students don't have to worry as much about selling their things, as the established designers do.
The colours were very cool. The pure lavender and golden brown and orange were used beautifully. I really look forward to seeing what they will bring to Danish fashion in the future.

As I wrote earliere I was excited to see Batlak and Selvig's SS10 collection. In contrast to most of the designs seen so far they showed fitted and tight dresses and suits. They used heavy materials and created a very classic ladylike style. You might almost say that they did an updated and Scandinavian version of the Chanel suit and the 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' -look. I had been expecting more bright colours, but they too used a lot of watercolours and light grays. The raw edge from what I had seen in their earliere work was truned down here leaving the look more refined and elegant.

All photos by Sacha Maric /Copenhagen Fashion Week