mandag den 10. august 2009

The importance of female role models

My mom turned 62 today. On that occasion I came to think about female role models. The women in your life who have inspired you, helped you believe in yourself, and taught you things about life you didn't expect to need. I have been blessed with incredibly strong women in my family - so for me female role models have been very easy to find- my mom has and is still a huge inspiration for me.
My idea of a female role model is a woman who helps you figure out who you want to be and shows you how to be happy with yourself and not take yourself too seriously, both as a women and a person - whether it's intellectually, personally or in style.
Fashion and style is always preoccupied with youth and the idea of looking young and fresh. But whatever happened to looking wise or like you actually know something about life?
That look - the style of wisdom and maturity- is something that in my mind never goes out of fashion. The women that I look up to aren't tall, skinny or have firm skin - but they look amazing because they feel comfortable in their own skin.

Without becoming too sentimental about age, style and the beauty of the wisdom of life, I will direct your attention to a really cool blog I found a few days ago.
Advanced style is a blog dedicated to the personal style of the older and more courageous people, than you'll ever see on the Sartorialist. Here you'll see the kind of really cool, wacky, streetwise, yet old school chic kinda style, I want to have when I get old. Here are som examples from Advanced style:
Being 62 and still looking great, has something to do with your attitude to life and the people around you. It comes with the courage to trust your own taste completely, feel comfortable and just going with it. I really admire those women.

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Anonym sagde ...

This is such a great post!! I think older people are some of the most stylish, interesting and classy people out there,yet young fashion bloggers don't give them much-if any- coverage. Ageism in America at its absolute WORST. Advanced Style is one of the raddest blog ideas I've seen in a long time! Thanks for sharing, and happy 62nd to your Mom!