søndag den 30. august 2009

Macaron vs. Luxenburgerli

Like so many bloggers before me I'm very fond of the lovely French Macaron. When I was in Paris the last time I also visited Ladurée for a cup of tea and a taste of their ever so famous macarons. And I was not disappointed , apart from looking divine, they taste amazing. So of course I brought back a box. But very recently a friend of mine brought home a Swiss' delicacy that resembles the Macarons but are a wee bit smaller. They are called Luxenburgerli and are as far as I can taste almost the same, but just the little sister of the macaron. They are equally as tasty and with different types of flavours.

All though the small ones are really cute, I think I prefer the French macarons. The flavors come across much better in them as they are bigger. The biscuit is also more crunchy in the larger macarons.

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