tirsdag den 29. januar 2008


I wish I’d been as cool as her, when I was a teenager - without the pregnancy though.
Last week when the Oscar nominations were announced the only thing the Danish media noticed was that Viggo (half-a-Dane) Mortensen was nominated for best actor. Therefore, it has just now come to my attention that Juno has actually received 4 nominations – including best actress for Ellen Page who plays Juno. (Well done!)

I must admit, that when I saw Juno it was with a subconscious certainty that it would not be Oscar material. I mean, there are some films that you just know are a sure hit at the Oscars – like The English Patient and A Beautiful Mind. But I guess every year has its small surprises: gay cowboys and pregnant teens – what will be next?
Oscar or not, I think Juno is a brilliant film! The dialogue is razor-sharp and really funny, making the story line more original than you first imagine. The story deals with a teenage pregnancy in an unconventional and original way. At the same time the film takes time to show Juno’s surroundings with a warm attention. The portraits of the adoption couple and of Juno’s family life with her father and stepmother are filled with emotional and creative details.

Apart from her accidental pregnancy Juno seems to be a girl in control and any signs of insecurity are well hidden underneath her funny and refreshing wise-girl attitude. Her style is well put together and her interest in music makes her come off as the nonchalant indie chick that even the ‘popular guy’ in school has a crush on. It is maybe a little too good to be true, but what the h... – it made me wish I’d been more like her when I was sixteen.
What I especially like about this film is that it’s about Juno and not about teenage pregnancy as such. The centre of attention is on her and her choices and the film therefore conveniently avoids dealing the whole moral issue. Ellen Page gives Juno the right attitude and wit and still manages to reveal her vulnerability. The fact that teenage troubles like getting a date for the prom are still serious issues in Juno’s world keeps the film ‘real’ and down to earth. And that’s what this film is: a down to earth, funny, piece about Juno, who just happens to get pregnant.

søndag den 27. januar 2008

What all Nerd Girls are really like underneath:

40s Burlesque Goddesses
I got some underwear from What Katie Did for x-mas and it’s the coolest underwear I’ve seen in a long time. The designs are inspired by 40s and 50s lingerie with girdles, corsets, stockings – the works. However the different styles make it possible to tune down the burlesque a bit if you want.
But the coolness of What Katie Did is not only in the designs – even though that’s what attracted me in the first place.
The fact that the cup-sizes range from B-E (UK sizes) made me happy as well. Here in Denmark the lingerie market for curvy girls is quite limited. I loooove lingerie, but I still have a problem with spending more money on one bra, than I would on a pair of boots or a plane ticket to London, for that matter. H&M still haven’t come around cup-sizes larger than C and popular brands like Triumph and Femilet still, in my view, put comfort above style.
The lingerie from What Katie Did is sexy and affordable – especially when it’s on sale.
So deep down and underneath it all, who can resist looking and feeling like Rita Hayworth or Marlene Dietrich ?

fredag den 25. januar 2008

Friday night colour motivation: Tanz der Moleküle & Fascination

Friday night: The wheather sucks - rain, icy wind and the ever depressing darkness of winter just creeps in on you. Basically you just want to stay in and not move from the sofa more than necessary. But no I don't give in - friday nigth means party and the fun of the Copenhagen night life.
Then what better way to combat the growing winter depression than with good music and festive colours.
So here you have it; the videos really set me in the mood for a fun night:

German rock/pop band Mia.:
The music is in itself so happy-go-lucky. Even though she's singing in German I can still understand the part about 'my hart is dancing and every molecule is moving'. This is exactly the feeling you need inside when you're going out in this wheather.
And the colours - aah
I really love her outfit too - I wonder how those stars in her hair stay that way...

Alphabeat: This Danish band has been on everyone's lips (and radios) here in DK for the last year or so. As I got their album this summer, it's become my 'summer-soundtrack'.
So when I found their new video for 'Fascination' it took me right back to those bright, warm summer nigths. The colours are similar to the Mia vidoe, but there's more of a party going on here. The music's very insisting - you just gotta move. So go on - go dancing!

So that's what got me up and out the door last night - winter must be beaten with colours and music!

Today however the sofa's calling again and I'm not sure I can resist it this time. Tonight it calls for Edgar Allen Poe, candles and tea.

onsdag den 23. januar 2008

Cool jewellery

I’ve never been a diamond-type of girl -It’s too flashy and heavy for me. Instead I go for funny details or simple elegance. The following two examples of cool jewellery are very different, but share the attention to the simple features.

Fafafa is created by Danish designer Vibeke Harsløf. Her alternative motives really appeal to me, as I’ve long been looking for non-cute yet stylish pieces - without becoming boring. I also like the whole street-art association in the pill-earrings and knuckle duster-necklace.

The Weekend Store
Adjowah Brodie’s designs at The Weekend Store are just as fun, but much more quiet and understated in comparison. There is more than the typewriter keys at her online store, but they are my fav’s.
I especially like the bracelets and the cufflinks. I love the general idea and even though I couldn’t find a picture, I think she also uses newer and coloured computer keys. Imagine a name-necklace in coloured computer keys!

tirsdag den 22. januar 2008

From Russia with love

Anna Gulmann was the talk of Copenhagen Fashion Week in August when she showed her S/S08 collection in a fashion bingo show hosted by no less than 7 editions of her imaginary muse Kirsty.That gesture really tickled my fancy. It’s refreshing to test the old fashion show conventions with a little drama and fun.
In her S/S08 collection ‘From Russia with Love’ Gulmann draws inspiration from imagining Kirsty in Moscow. The designs have clear traces of Mother Russia both in the embroidery and the patters. But the Russian folklore aesthetic is nicely mixed up with very bright candy-colours.
I think Gulmann is one of the coolest new designers in Copenhagen at the moment. I especially like the way she combines humour and playfulness with simple cuts silhouettes . It’s kitsch, but elegant kitsch.

The photos are by Anne Mie Dreves.

søndag den 20. januar 2008

Shake me up, Judy

Sunday night in my flat is devoted to one thing and one thing only: BBC’s Bleak House. As a student of British literature I have crossed paths with old Charles D. quiet a few times. As a young nerd I of course loved ‘A Christmas Carol’ and the aura of British Victorian life that lingers around everything that has to do with him. In general, I can’t say that I am a BIG fan of his, as I think I’ve read only two of his novels in their entirety.

But Bleak House is a great example of my initial fascination with British, Victorian culture. Before I started university, I lived in Paris for a while and on one visit to Shakespeare & co’s I found a copy of Bleak House. I thought, ‘hey this must be the greatest example of British literature – I have to get copy’. Also of course in order to get Shakespeare & Co’s fine stamp in my book.

Anyway my Penguin’s edition of Bleak House then went on my bookshelf; looking cool and sort of intellectual (and dusty) and I didn’t open it at all before I started my studies a few years later. Now I think I’ve begun reading it 3 times and returning a couple more, until now, when I’ve honestly given up. Sorry, Charles, I enjoyed Great Expectations and Oliver Twist, but…pyh.

Well, to compensate for my lack of reading the books, I’ve seen many TV, film and stage adaptations of his works. It’s the first time I have seen Bleak House, though, but I think this one really gets it all right. Since I’ve only read about half of the novel maybe 3 times, it is so wonderful finally to have a TV version that you trust to bring all the details of the story and characters. The complicated story of the case of Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce and the fate and consequences for all the people involved is actually made exciting.
The actors have been chosen really well and fit into their parts with ease and calm. No big celebrity actors star in this and if they do, they are well disguised - Except of course for the former X-files actress Gillian Anderson. She gives a (surprisingly?) good performance with an accurate English accent, as the mysterious and fragilely beautiful Lady Deadlock.
But what really makes my Sunday night so completely devoted to this series is apart from the intrigues and good acting the beautiful set design. The colours and the lighting in this production set the mood of Victorian London so well that you can almost feel the damp and dirty air. Also the costumes and make up creates the characters, seen especially in the contrast between the disgusting Mr. Smallweed and the pure and natural Esther.Therefore the best way to wallow great drama and English Victorian atmosphere is really Bleak House

lørdag den 19. januar 2008

Oh Kiki!

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Miyazaki’s Kiki’s Delivery Service – a cartoon version of a Japanese children’s book. Being a fan of cool cartoons, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before, it was made in 1989! But as it has never been in Danish film distribution until now and since Miyazaki only recently is popping up in Danish cinemas, I guess it is understandable.Kiki’s Delivery Service tells the stores of the young witch Kiki who leaves home to complete her witches training with a year of living independently. Bringing only her broom and her talking black cat Iji, Kiki enters a big city. I was especially fascinated by the way the city ‘Koriko’ is portrayed both in the drawn details and with interesting sound bites. And as you get to see the city from many different perspectives (Kiki’s flying over and around) - it adds a sense of space and movement that I have never seen before.

The overall attention to charming details is also seen in the way this film pays attention to lifestyle. Kiki’s shopping for food and the painter’s messy hut in the wood are all good examples of that. The story in itself is about how Kiki builds up her delivery service and has to grow up and find her own inspiration to be a witch. It is told in a cute, funny and original way and I like that it avoids being too predictable, even though the story line is simple.
Overall, Kiki’s Delivery Service made the inner 10-year-old nerd girl jump up and down and really wish she could be a witch too.

fredag den 18. januar 2008

Stylish like grandma

There is small shop on the street where my mother lives and I’ve been pressing my nose against the window glass every time I’m in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, so far I’ve only been by at hours when the shop is closed. But today I found its website and discovered that Edith & Ella - as the brand is called - actually is available in many different stores as well as online. Well, as you maybe have guessed, I have fallen for the whole 40s-50s look.

What I especially like about Edith & Ella’s clothes is the classical cut and the pale colours. It’s the perfect blend of Hepburn meets grandma. The patterns on the skirts and coats are simple yet quirky, making it possible to dress it up or down as you like. I also like that the design features a retro style perfectly balanced with a modern vibe. If it got anymore old lady-like it would probably be cooler to get some 2nd hand stuff instead.
The designer behind Edith & Ella is Line Markvardsen and from the website you get the impression that she is modelling all the clothes herself, which if it is true, I think is very cool and courageous. And another thing which makes the design even cuter: the brand is named after her two grand mothers Edith and Ella as they gave her inspiration and support! It sounds like she must have had some cool old ladies in her family.

torsdag den 17. januar 2008

The intimate spaces of Serge

Lately Charlotte Gainsbourg has been everywhere and latest as guest-editor of the French Vouge. Of course she’s got the trés cool French effortlessly sexy style – but right now I’m still more intrigued by her papa. However, in Charlotte’s Vouge she talked about making her father’s house into a museum. Wow! Imagine visiting the halls of Monsieur Gainsbourg at 5, bis Rue de Verneuil. The few photos of the interior shown by Vanity Fair hold promises of dark, cluttered rooms with bizarre statues and art pieces. Apparently, the house has remained untouched since Serge died. Nothing has been removed or changed which come to think of it is a little creepy, but still kind of intriguing – very much to the style of man himself.
To top of your day and also to set the Gainsbourg mood quite right I think it’s time for a song. This one is an absolute favorite of mine. This is Serge singing 'Requiem pour un Con'

Be aware - she's coming!

So now I’ve finally joined the blogosphere. After years of dedicated blog reading it’s time for Nerd girl to join in with her perspectives. This will be a blog about my every day projects, amazing art experiences and all the other things going on in this nerd’s life. Mostly Nerd girl’s attacks will be targeted at her interest in literature, film, theatre and fashion. But her great love of cooking, crafting, tea and scones will probably also find its way into the turmoil.
Here are a few of the areas Nerd girl is likely to bother you with:

  1. Books and reading – done of course with a nice cup of tea and scones, from the cosiness of my big old arm chair
  2. French 60’s style and music
  3. My favourite films and bands
  4. Fashion and style – with, naturally, all the nerdy details of price, quality and comfort
  5. The current theatre scene in Copenhagen and abroad- when I get so lucky
  6. My ongoing DIY projects
  7. And much much more from the fields of pop culture and fine arts.