fredag den 18. januar 2008

Stylish like grandma

There is small shop on the street where my mother lives and I’ve been pressing my nose against the window glass every time I’m in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, so far I’ve only been by at hours when the shop is closed. But today I found its website and discovered that Edith & Ella - as the brand is called - actually is available in many different stores as well as online. Well, as you maybe have guessed, I have fallen for the whole 40s-50s look.

What I especially like about Edith & Ella’s clothes is the classical cut and the pale colours. It’s the perfect blend of Hepburn meets grandma. The patterns on the skirts and coats are simple yet quirky, making it possible to dress it up or down as you like. I also like that the design features a retro style perfectly balanced with a modern vibe. If it got anymore old lady-like it would probably be cooler to get some 2nd hand stuff instead.
The designer behind Edith & Ella is Line Markvardsen and from the website you get the impression that she is modelling all the clothes herself, which if it is true, I think is very cool and courageous. And another thing which makes the design even cuter: the brand is named after her two grand mothers Edith and Ella as they gave her inspiration and support! It sounds like she must have had some cool old ladies in her family.

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