tirsdag den 22. januar 2008

From Russia with love

Anna Gulmann was the talk of Copenhagen Fashion Week in August when she showed her S/S08 collection in a fashion bingo show hosted by no less than 7 editions of her imaginary muse Kirsty.That gesture really tickled my fancy. It’s refreshing to test the old fashion show conventions with a little drama and fun.
In her S/S08 collection ‘From Russia with Love’ Gulmann draws inspiration from imagining Kirsty in Moscow. The designs have clear traces of Mother Russia both in the embroidery and the patters. But the Russian folklore aesthetic is nicely mixed up with very bright candy-colours.
I think Gulmann is one of the coolest new designers in Copenhagen at the moment. I especially like the way she combines humour and playfulness with simple cuts silhouettes . It’s kitsch, but elegant kitsch.

The photos are by Anne Mie Dreves.

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