torsdag den 17. januar 2008

Be aware - she's coming!

So now I’ve finally joined the blogosphere. After years of dedicated blog reading it’s time for Nerd girl to join in with her perspectives. This will be a blog about my every day projects, amazing art experiences and all the other things going on in this nerd’s life. Mostly Nerd girl’s attacks will be targeted at her interest in literature, film, theatre and fashion. But her great love of cooking, crafting, tea and scones will probably also find its way into the turmoil.
Here are a few of the areas Nerd girl is likely to bother you with:

  1. Books and reading – done of course with a nice cup of tea and scones, from the cosiness of my big old arm chair
  2. French 60’s style and music
  3. My favourite films and bands
  4. Fashion and style – with, naturally, all the nerdy details of price, quality and comfort
  5. The current theatre scene in Copenhagen and abroad- when I get so lucky
  6. My ongoing DIY projects
  7. And much much more from the fields of pop culture and fine arts.

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