fredag den 25. januar 2008

Friday night colour motivation: Tanz der Moleküle & Fascination

Friday night: The wheather sucks - rain, icy wind and the ever depressing darkness of winter just creeps in on you. Basically you just want to stay in and not move from the sofa more than necessary. But no I don't give in - friday nigth means party and the fun of the Copenhagen night life.
Then what better way to combat the growing winter depression than with good music and festive colours.
So here you have it; the videos really set me in the mood for a fun night:

German rock/pop band Mia.:
The music is in itself so happy-go-lucky. Even though she's singing in German I can still understand the part about 'my hart is dancing and every molecule is moving'. This is exactly the feeling you need inside when you're going out in this wheather.
And the colours - aah
I really love her outfit too - I wonder how those stars in her hair stay that way...

Alphabeat: This Danish band has been on everyone's lips (and radios) here in DK for the last year or so. As I got their album this summer, it's become my 'summer-soundtrack'.
So when I found their new video for 'Fascination' it took me right back to those bright, warm summer nigths. The colours are similar to the Mia vidoe, but there's more of a party going on here. The music's very insisting - you just gotta move. So go on - go dancing!

So that's what got me up and out the door last night - winter must be beaten with colours and music!

Today however the sofa's calling again and I'm not sure I can resist it this time. Tonight it calls for Edgar Allen Poe, candles and tea.

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