torsdag den 17. januar 2008

The intimate spaces of Serge

Lately Charlotte Gainsbourg has been everywhere and latest as guest-editor of the French Vouge. Of course she’s got the trés cool French effortlessly sexy style – but right now I’m still more intrigued by her papa. However, in Charlotte’s Vouge she talked about making her father’s house into a museum. Wow! Imagine visiting the halls of Monsieur Gainsbourg at 5, bis Rue de Verneuil. The few photos of the interior shown by Vanity Fair hold promises of dark, cluttered rooms with bizarre statues and art pieces. Apparently, the house has remained untouched since Serge died. Nothing has been removed or changed which come to think of it is a little creepy, but still kind of intriguing – very much to the style of man himself.
To top of your day and also to set the Gainsbourg mood quite right I think it’s time for a song. This one is an absolute favorite of mine. This is Serge singing 'Requiem pour un Con'

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Café Mode sagde ...

Welcome to the blogosphere.
You're right, the Gainsbourg museum should open by the end of the year, and a big exhibition is also on the agenda for next october. I can't wait!

Nerd Girl sagde ...

Thank you, café mode! I hope you'll post something on your blog about it, when you do get to see it!