onsdag den 23. januar 2008

Cool jewellery

I’ve never been a diamond-type of girl -It’s too flashy and heavy for me. Instead I go for funny details or simple elegance. The following two examples of cool jewellery are very different, but share the attention to the simple features.

Fafafa is created by Danish designer Vibeke Harsløf. Her alternative motives really appeal to me, as I’ve long been looking for non-cute yet stylish pieces - without becoming boring. I also like the whole street-art association in the pill-earrings and knuckle duster-necklace.

The Weekend Store
Adjowah Brodie’s designs at The Weekend Store are just as fun, but much more quiet and understated in comparison. There is more than the typewriter keys at her online store, but they are my fav’s.
I especially like the bracelets and the cufflinks. I love the general idea and even though I couldn’t find a picture, I think she also uses newer and coloured computer keys. Imagine a name-necklace in coloured computer keys!

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