mandag den 20. april 2009

Lose yourself in a photograph

Last week Nerd Girl went to the beautiful city of Stockholm for a small holiday with her boyfriend.
At Moderna Museet, Stockholm's modern art museum, is an incredible photo exhibition of works by the artist Andreas Gursky.
Crowded with people in Japan or totally empty racetracks in the dessert these photos draw you in. All the works by him are on display from 80-08 as the exhibition is called. As a spectator looking at these impressive images with such large perspectives of people and places you feel small and a little lost.

tirsdag den 14. april 2009

Buttermilk bread with Spelt for Easter lunch

I've always been a great fan of white bread, even though I know it's not exactly the healthiest kind. Another problem with wheat is that the taste is so delicate that you have to put a fair amount of sugar or salt in for it to actually taste of something. And furthermore wheat bread tend to get dry really fast – at least when you bake it yourself.
So I tried something different. I used Spelt flour and buttermilk in my bread to make it juicier and tastier – and it worked.

I used

500g Spelt flour

½ l Buttermilk

2 g yeast

1 tsp salt

The reason for the small amount of yeast is because you will let it rest in the fridge over night and that way it will rise slower and keep some of the sour taste from the buttermilk.
The next morning you form the bread and then it will rest again for 2 hours and after that you bake it for 45 min. at 175 degrees.

This bread actually stays moist and really delicious for a least 4 days – if it lasts that long. Mine was gone after a mere 3 hours...but oh did we enjoy it!

onsdag den 8. april 2009

Carmen - an inspiration

A few nights back I saw a performance of Carmen by the Danish Opera Academy and it made me think of the woman Carmen. Who is this femme fatale at the centre of Bizet's famous opera and how has she been portrayed ?
This is one of the first illustrations of a Carmen from the performance in 1875.
I've always thought of the opera Carmen as something of an odd mix – it takes place in Seville, Spain and yet they sing in French. The original novella was also written by a Frenchmen so, I guess it makes sense that way around. Any way Carmen is characterized as a free spirit – a gypsy, who belongs to no one.
In the different performances that I have seen, it has varied a great deal how much sympathy she is given.

She has been played as vulgar and cynical in her pursue of Don José, making her uninteresting in my opinion.
At other times she is seen almost as a witch and very mysterious -highlighting the her gypsy background and hinting that she bewitches Don José, who fall madly in love with her. But in my view she is more than just a seductive vixen. She is has a vulnerable side in her fear of death and her attempt to remain independent.
This Carmen has a masculine quality about her with the cigar and hat and her very stern look.
This following clip is from Frencesco Rosi's film version of Carmen with Julia Migenes as Carmen and Placido Domingo as Don José. This is clearly an 1980s Carmen: she looks like Cher. But this is also a good examples of the witch-version of Carmen I think.

>And then there is Carmen Jones, a musical after the opera. Carmen's gypsy roots are not part of the musical as they are in the opera, but the character of Carmen and the plot is basically the same. Carmen Jones in a modern woman, who just like Carmen of 1875 does not want to be owned by anyone.

fredag den 3. april 2009

Place of the month in April

I realize that I'm a bit behind on the places of the month. Therefore let's go straight to this month's place: Copenhagen's coolest vintage shop Décor.

For the lovely Queens of vintage I recently wrote a guide to the vintage shopping in Copenhagen and there I mentioned my ultimate favourite shop Décor in Rørmersgade next to Nørreport station.
This shop really has all you need for a good vintage shop: beautiful dresses, mysterious and unique accessories, plus original and funny things you don't find anywhere else. But what makes this shop especially cool is that it also deals in vintage bridal wear and men's wear.
And another reason why I like it so much is the fact that it has the friendliest owner, who will help you with anything you need. The shop has clothes dating back to the 1890s and the shop's owner once told me that she has even received pieces from the Queen of Denmark's own tailor, so maybe if you look carefully, you might just find some leftovers from a royal closet....