tirsdag den 14. april 2009

Buttermilk bread with Spelt for Easter lunch

I've always been a great fan of white bread, even though I know it's not exactly the healthiest kind. Another problem with wheat is that the taste is so delicate that you have to put a fair amount of sugar or salt in for it to actually taste of something. And furthermore wheat bread tend to get dry really fast – at least when you bake it yourself.
So I tried something different. I used Spelt flour and buttermilk in my bread to make it juicier and tastier – and it worked.

I used

500g Spelt flour

½ l Buttermilk

2 g yeast

1 tsp salt

The reason for the small amount of yeast is because you will let it rest in the fridge over night and that way it will rise slower and keep some of the sour taste from the buttermilk.
The next morning you form the bread and then it will rest again for 2 hours and after that you bake it for 45 min. at 175 degrees.

This bread actually stays moist and really delicious for a least 4 days – if it lasts that long. Mine was gone after a mere 3 hours...but oh did we enjoy it!

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