onsdag den 17. september 2008

Nerdy pleasures

Nerd Girl is back after a short unintended break here in my favourite month of the year September.
I’ve been busy enjoying this great autumn weather and I had my birthday last week.
I received many wonderful presents. Two good friends of mine brought me the two best examples of Danish chocolates: Peter Beier and Summerbird.
Like most people I’ll go crazy for cacao and chocolate - mostly the dark, bitter, heavy stuff. But for some reason I would never buy this insanely delicious stuff for myself. I’ll go for something like the ‘Lindt 70% cacao’ if I’m really letting my hair down. Fancy chocolates are in my opinion reserved for gifts, for others and for special occasions. And mostly because it’s so beautifully wrapped and decorated. Buying it for myself, the package would last about 30 sec. and the creativity of the decoration would drown completely.
But as a gift it really gets the attention it deserves.
Actually I don’t really receive this kind of chocolate that often, in fact I think so far I’ve only tasted Summerbird a once and I’ve never tasted Peter Beier before. So this was a treat. And I enjoyed each piece to the fullest.

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Anonym sagde ...


And I completely agree. I think I'm treating myself when I buy the 70% cacao instead of Hershey's Special Dark. Oh how I love receiving the real authentic stuff from other people as gifts...

Super Blog! I really like your post about the 1920's in fashion. I think its so interesting to look back and see where we bring so much of inspiration from fashion's history into all of the looks we wear now! Would you like to swap links? :)


Nerd Girl sagde ...

Sure, let's swap links! I went a huge 1920s inspired party a few weeks back and I'm still havn't found the right photos to blog yet. But oh the people there looked amazing!