lørdag den 31. januar 2009

Nerd Girl, in the living room, with a cocktail

I think it’s time ignore the financial crisis and live life like the dandies. For one night let’s pretend that we are rich, successful and have no worries in the world – and what better place, than at the place of the month.
Place of the month of January is carefully chosen for its decadence and beautiful spot in the city centre. Extravagant, over the top, but still very classy, describes this place.
I can’t say that this is a nerdy place. But for some reason this nerd girl still ended up feeling totally at home amongst the rich and beautiful on her visit to Ruby.
Ruby’s cocktail bar is set in an apartment - decorated just like a living room making you feel as if you just popped in on an old friend for a drink. A dim lighting, comfy pillows and couches and the friendliest bartenders, I have ever met.
And the drinks, oh, the drinks... The selection is a fine blend of the classics and their very own delicious recipes. It is not at cheap place, drinks are about 100kr a piece - but you really only need one or two to get the night going.

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Romeika sagde ...

Those drinks look so good! I agree with you, at least once in a while it's nice to forget about problems, financial or not, and have a blast in a nice place like that:-) Life is too short!