onsdag den 27. februar 2008

Sneak attack

It's time for new sneakers. My old black Converse All Stars are at a stage where they’re making a squeaking sound - almost like they're begging me to replace them - every time I take a step. - It's actually becoming pretty embarrassing walking around like that, people turning their heads to see who’s making that weird sound. Yes alright, I get it they want to be put to rest.
But I’m just so bad at buying new sneakers. I tend to stick to one pair for years and years and grow so attached to them, that it takes me weeks or even months to decide on new ones. If these weren’t ‘complaining loudly’ I’d keep them.
So I’ve been hunting the internet for some cool suggestions for new ones. Now, I’m tempted to go for the classic Converse, but some new blood would be good too. I mostly go for the black and simple look - I like my sneakers sneaky.
The ones above are are from Pointer and I like that thier understated but still have a super cool print.
I really like Peter Jensen’s rabbit-print too even though rabbits aren’t exactly sneaky, but more of a bouncy kind. These sneakers come off as happy and comfortable yet elegantly simple. But uh, I hope those rabbits don’t start grunting.

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