lørdag den 9. februar 2008

CFW Friday

Surrealism from Stine Goya
As I wrote earlier, Stine Goya is the Danish fashion media’s darling at the moment and her A/W08 collection can only increase that hype. Here she proved how she still masters a unique blend of psychedelic prints and sharp cuts. Dresses and jumpsuits are also here the key pieces, but Goya adds up her style with original pants- and jacket designs.
Goya’s signature mirror-necklace also had a centre place on most of the styles on the run way - I really must get one of those. Her colours are more relaxed than her earlier work; she uses a black, pale gold, grey and purple and then lets the amazing patterns make all the noise. I see the surrealistic inspiration in both the dreamy silhouettes and in the wild stripes and patterns. At the moment, I have thing for unusually cut sleeves and Stine Goya also provided that this season:

All photos by Sacha Maric

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