fredag den 8. februar 2008

Sleeves - Designers Remix Collection

Designers Remix Collection can roughly be defined as a Danish version of Miu Miu. The clothes are beautiful, sophisticated and classic.- Some times a bit to classical for my taste. But this A/W collection showed some very edgy dresses and tailored suits with sleeves to die for!
Again black dresses become a central aspect on the catwalk and the elephant trunk sleeves give them a historical, costume-like quality. Even though black was the dominant colour and my favourite, I think the red and orange dresses are very chick indeed.
Designers Remix Collection is the type label that has Crown Princess Mary in the front row for the show. What I like about Designers Remix Collection’s A/W collection is the whole goth-inspired look with black lips, pale skin and fixed hair styles. – I wonder how HRH the Crown Princess thinks about that…

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