lørdag den 16. februar 2008

Friday Night Concert:

Jens Lekman at Vega in Copenhagen
Well then, Jens Lekman’s concert was moved from the small stage at Vega to the largest due to popular demand. This (finally!) gave Nerd Girl the opportunity to attack...
I’ve only known Jens Lekman’s music since I got his last album 'Night falls Over Kortedala' for x-mas and it’s been sitting in my stereo ever since. Friday night’s concert had a good crowd with laughter and cheering. But unfortunately, for a small Nerd Girl like me, a lot of tall Swedish indie guys had taken the trip over from Malmoe. Just as nice looking as Swedes can be, just as annoying is it when they are blocking your view…
So I didn’t get to see so much of Jens Lekman and his band, - I did, though, catch a glimpse or two of a very cool blond girl on the drums.

But the lack of view didn’t stop me from enjoying the music. I like his music for its happy melodies and the quirky lyrics. In the live version the sympathy and charm from the CD still shined through in every way. Jens Lekman was talkative and told funny anecdotes about his songs for example the hit: ‘postcard to Nina’. The song is about how Jens goes to Berlin to visit his friend Nina and ends up playing her fiancé for her parents so she doesn’t have to tell them she is a lesbian. The song tells us about the embarrassing dinner where poor Jens ‘plays’ the son-in-law and at the concert Jens gave us an even further description of his big German father-in-law and his attention to Jens – a funny story.

Thanks to the smoking-band in public buildings the air at Vega was clean and at some moments you could almost feel and smell the clean air of the Swedish woods and lakes in all the good music.
Apparently Jens Lekman was a bingo-host in a small Swedish town and from that he found inspiration for his song ‘Friday Night at the Drive-in-Bingo’ which he palyed last night really well.

At the end of the concert, when the crowd cheered for the fourth extra number he told us that he couldn’t resist our foot-stamping but that he really had to go, but if we wanted we could see him in the lobby and he’d sing a song in our ear.
I didn’t get to see him in the lobby though (too many people), but Jens Lekman, you can sing in my ear, any time…

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