søndag den 17. februar 2008

Get me to a nunnery -and bring muffins

There’s always been something fascinating about nuns. Also in film and theatre there is curious interest in this otherwise closed world. This weekend I got together with some friends and watched Fred Zinnerman’s film ‘The Nun’s Story’ with Audrey Hepbrun.
I saw it for the first time as a young girl and it made such an impression on me. I remember being very impressed by this pure and innocent world. But seeing it again I now paid more attention to how the film displays one long struggle.

It is a very long story about Sister Lukas’ hard efforts to completely conform to the life as a bride of Christ. Her inner ambition and passion for medical work does not correspond with the strict devotion to rules of obedience and humiliation. She studies tropical diseases and works humbly in a mentalasylm before she can finally get to go to Congo, as she has been wishing for.
In Congo her commitment to Christ is tested when she is pared with a 'devil' of a doctor who makes her question her own personal motifs. On her return to Belgium the war breaks and her beloved father is killed. This is the ultimate test of her drvotion to Christe as she is not allowed to take sides.
It's a very moving film and Audrey Hepburn gives a stunning performance. Wearing a nun's outfit its only her face that gives away all the frustration and inner anger and its very powerful. She looks of course beautiful as ever and the basic costume really inhances her amazing eyes. I think it’s only a few actresses who can keep looking effortlessly beautiful and innocent in such costumes. Audrey and Julie Andrews are some of the best examples.

To soften and sweeten this serious and dramatic film I had baked these delicious raspberry muffins. They are not made with fresh berries as the season make it hard to find any, but the frosen ones are good too.
They had to be eaten that same day otherwise they become dry and dull, so for 2 and a half hour we were stuffing ourselves with muffins and admireing the natural beauty of the nuns.

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