tirsdag den 5. februar 2008

Gentlemen's Affair opens concept store

In conncetion with Copenhagen Fashion Week there are all sorts of things going on around town. Among them was the opening of Gentlemen’s Affair flagship store in Pilestræde today. It's a hot spot location for a sophisticated and trendy shop and about time for Gentlemen's Affair to have a place all to themeselves.

I've seen some of their pieces in small shops around town and mostly been fascinated by the beautifully tailored shirts and dresses. Now I really look forward to shopping in their store and enjoying the whole collection. Until now I've only seen a few selected items that were (too) often sold out in my size, because the shop only had one or two of each size. Therefore, this is a very welcome store on my shopping route and I'm sure it will become an affair to remeber.
These few examples are from the S/S08 collection. Looks like denim blue and red will be the new summer favourites.

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Anna sagde ...

That red blouse with the blue buttons looks very cute! It's a perfect candidate for my motto "Hey, I could make that myself" (preferably before I become a senior citizen).