torsdag den 7. februar 2008

Copenhagen Fashion Week: Wednesday

Copenhagen Fashion Week is off to a start with a lot of shows in only a few days. I'll try not to devote this blog completely to CFW, but I must admit that it takes up a lot of my free time. I love how the Danish fashion scene has developed and evolved in the last few years and it is therefore a natural instict that I have to check out as much as possible.
This is some of what I think are key aspects from the A/W08 collections shown yesterday. All photos are by Sacha Maric.

Fur for winter:

Else Gug and White
A simple use of fur is also a clear tendency for winter. This was seen especially in Else Gug’s very elegant coats and in White’s collar pieces. Everything is held in natural and sandy colours which I think keeps the fur from looking too heavy.

The little black dress version 08:

Else Gug, Bibi Ghost and White

Black dresses also dominated all 4 collections shown on Wednesday. The rough use of material in both Else Gug and Bibi Ghost gives the classical dress a new edge and attitude. I think the simplicity of White’s dress is nicely broken by the heavy black ‘pearl’ necklace.

Darkness vs. colour:

Rützou and Bibi Ghost

The black winter is broken with strong bright colours. I like the fluffiness in Rützou's dresses against the shiny tights. At BiBi Ghost's I've fallen for the contrast in both fabric and colour which work well to bring in elements of summer and spring.

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