søndag den 2. marts 2008


This weekend I’ve spent most of my time preparing for future DIY-projects. Therefore I can’t show you anything I’ve finished - yet. But instead I will tell something about my ideas and thoughts about what Ive done.
Saturday was spent flea-marketing in search of clothes and other fun things for pure inspiration. The market we went to this weekend was unfortunately mostly furniture, books and old kitchen stuff and the clothes were only a small part of it. However we did manage to find one dress and a skirt for me. The fabric of the dress is cool because of the rose-print and I’m thinking about using the fabric sewing a new style. At the moment it’s very loose fitted with a weird neckline. The dark blue skirt has a simple print and some really cute pockets. I think I’ll shorten it quite a lot -it’s much too long for me and then perhaps change the shape a bit, if I can.

Today I visited my Aunt Sally, who is a master when it comes to printing on fabrics, sawing, knitting and well, al things crafty, I guess. She had all the things I needed in order to learn how to make cool prints for the first time – I just brought my colours and my ideas. As it turned out the process took most of the day even though I only made two different types of prints. This one is made for a white skirt and it is based on a drawing of two birds I found. I copied the drawing in negativ onto a self-adhesive plastic sheet and put it onto one of my Aunt’s wooden frames. It’s actually very simple once you have what you need, but in the actual printing process you have to be thorough and precise which took time. We spent all day doing it and then had to wait for the colours to dry.

So now I'm all set for my new DIY projects - first on the list is to unstich the rose-dress and see what I can do with it. I think an evening in front of the TV with a good movie migh do the trick.

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