fredag den 7. marts 2008

60s cool: Francoise Hardy

I just found my old Francoise Hardy CD and I’ve been listing to it all day. She’s the coolest both in music and in style. I know she still makes music, but I like the 60s stuff the best. I’m also a fan of her general style; this clean cut beauty who writes her own songs has the ultimate combination of the unspoiled girly and the rock look. And she’s sexy and she has this cool intellectual air in her voice. Her simple hair style with heavy bangs has really had a comeback, but I also think her natural and relaxed style is also the reason she’s still popular.

Among my favourite of her songs are ‘Le Temps De L’amour’ and ‘Dit lui non’ – and of course ‘Tous les Gracons et les fille’. I found the sweet video for you just to get that good feeling of weekend and spring started:

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