tirsdag den 4. marts 2008

For your eyes only

Even though I perceive myself as the ultimate Nerd Girl I’ve never actually had to wear the ultimate nerd girl accessory – glasses. My parents both need glasses, strong ones, but for some reason I was blessed with (so far) perfect eyesight. Anyway I’ve always been fascinated by cool ways of wearing glasses. So when three design students from the Danish School of Design created a special limited edition collection of eyewear it really caught my eye. Their collection called Framework is now available at the Danish optician chain Synoptik.
I first saw their sketches for glasses at the annual Danish School of Design graduate exposition last summer at Øksenhallen. What I saw there was a completely new way of turning the frame into artwork; Glasses upside down with very elaborate graphics. Forget Dame Edna style, this way of designing new eyewear really has potential for new trends.
As I left the exposition I remember thinking that they were incredibly original ideas, but that the designs had such a distinct and elaborate look that they would probably not go in mainstream eyewear. However, now it seems I was proven wrong. Synoptik arranged a design competition and the three designers Sofia Ohlsson, Leena Lundgard and Ulrik Martin Larsen won with their project ‘I Would Wear’- now turned into the Framework collection. The designs for Synoptik are much simpler and down to earth than the ‘graduate’ sketches I originally saw, but as you can see (the first photo above) they still have the cool asymmetric lines and shapes.
I’m not sure I’d buy these if I did need glasses as they are very arty and make a strong statement. On the other hand they are so cool and bring new life to whatever look you have.

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