onsdag den 26. marts 2008

Easter dwellings

I’ve been down with a weird sort of cold – not sore throat or runny nose, I’m actually just physically cold all the time and nothing (not event the hottest cup of tea or sweetest Easter chocolates) could fuel any heat. So therefore there’s been at lot less blogging during Easter, than I planed and a lot less DIY-ing as had also planned.

It might have something to do with the fact that Copenhagen has been covered in snow most of the Easter holidays. The winter we didn’t get for X-mas we’re sure getting now- when it’s supposed to be spring. Well I’ll spare you all my complaining about global warming and how it’s causing all of this the fucked up (that’s right!) weather. All I’ll say about it is this: I want seasons to change and I want snow for x-mas and sun for summer and none of this nonsense.

Oh, all this hating did kind of get my inner heat up a bit. Well my hands and feet are still icy cold and I’m wearing two sweaters and mittens here in my boiling living room – yet still cold. So before I crawl back under warm blankets here’s what I looking for at the moment:

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