onsdag den 6. august 2008

Stine Goya - The lost city

Goya’s SS09 collection 'La city perdu' was shown last night and again Stine Goya has created a strong collection true to her specific style. High waist pants, oversize shirts and again a shade of apricot –hmm… I wonder if this will become a trend?Otherwise the colours were watery or kind of smoky – leaving a bit of the same damp summer like feeling as Wackerhaus’ collection, but still much more arty. Goya’s hand painted prints add such depth to her style making the clothes much more than edgy silhouettes and delicious fabrics.Goya has always had some cool settings for her shows. Her last SS collection was shown in the beautiful decorations by Helle Mardahl and this one was no different. Small cut out houses were placed along the runway I matching colours with the clothes - very artistic.
Photos: Sacha Maric

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