torsdag den 7. august 2008

Fashion week Thursday

Light and air from Camilla Stærk Danish fashion media went nuts when it came out that Carrie in Sex and the City wore clothes by Camilla Stærk in the last episodes. Seriously, I don’t think there was any magazine that didn’t have an interview with the London based Danish designer.
So almost over night I also became familiar with Stræk and her strong brand.Her show today brought forward a lot of beautiful dresses mixed up with loose jump suits. The SS09 collection was in general lighter and softer in shape, than what I’ve seen from her earlier.
There was no film noir or melancholic Nick Cave here, but instead symmetric v-neck details or light colours. – I’m almost tempted to say that the collection had a Scandinavian look to it.What made the strongest impression on me were the coral (or apricot?) coloured jumpsuit and her detailed dresses.

Photos: Saca Maric

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