mandag den 4. august 2008

Great Expectations

No no, there's nothing about Pip or old mr. Charles D here except for the clash in titels.
Copenhagen Fashion Week is coming up again. I can’t believe it’s already August. And the line up is really impressive with still more new designers to get to know. The schedule is packed with such stars as Stine Goya, Rützou, Noir, Weckerhaus, Elsie Gug just in the first day.
And I’m glad to see the international success Camilla Stærk returning home to show off her SS09 collection here.
Naturally expectations are high – I mean the anti-nerd girl nr. 1 Paris Hilton has flown in for this... Well she’s probably just here to advertise for her own products anyway. But nevertheless my beloved city is definitely getting the world’s attention.
Thus Nerd Girl is off to try and catch all of the interesting fashion and also some of all the other cool things going on in Copenhagen in connection with fashion week.

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