søndag den 3. august 2008

A Nerd Girl and her shoes

Unfortunately my laptop has been highly unreliable in the last two weeks – hence no blogging. I’ve tried to write several posts, but have been cut off every time due to some technical error. So I’m praying that there won’t be any more of that in the coming week. But if there’s nothing on the blog for some time – now you know the reason.

Whilst in Berlin I did do some shopping. I got these nice shoes from Chie Mihara, who I just discovered. Unfortunately my camera is broken and only takes really bad pictures at the moment so I can’t show you any photos of me in my new shoes. But this is what they look like:
Mine are brown with lighter laces, and until I checked out the designer online, I didn’t know she makes so many different styles and colours. Now I'm totally hooked on her designs and a bit sad that I didn't get them in green as well.

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