fredag den 8. august 2008

CFW Friday: The drama begins

The MoonSpoon Saloon show at the Royal Theatre.
This label is completely new to me and I was very eager to see what the combination of wellknown Danish painter Tal R and designer Sara Sachs would bring. And I was not let down. As a fan of artistic,theatrical shows and clothing this was right up Nerd Girl's ally. And what bette location than the Royal Theatre with its classic sense of art and drama.
But the Moon Spoon Saloon's collection might be too costume-like for some buyers.
Anyhow this is a designteam I'm deffinately going to keep an eye on in the future.
The strong colours and patterns are straight out of Tal R’s artistic universe and the almost pantomime like figures added to the volume of the whole collection. The inspirations seemed to come form Comedia dell art and surealisem.
I especially liked the knits and small multi-coloured jackets. And I guess I enjoy the playfulness of MoonSpoon Saloon attitude to fashion in general. But I also thought the beautiful dresses and sharp cut suits were really cool

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