fredag den 31. oktober 2008

Hanging with the dead in October

Thinking of Halloween and the spookiest night of the year, it seems appropriate to connect this to the place of the month since this is also a haunted place.

Copenhagen does not have that many parks or green spaces, so when we Copenhageners really search for a green oasis, we go to the cemeteries. Hanging out among the graves is actually not as morbid as it sounds, because the city’s graveyards are very green and cozy – yes, I use the word cozy in connection with graves and tombstones, because they often are more like parks , than graveyards.

I actually have a few favorite cemeteries around town that I visit now and then. These places have such a calming and peaceful effect on you. The one I’ll write about tonight is the most famous one in Copenhagen due to the many Danish celebrities being buried here. Assistens Kirkegård is located in the heart of my neighborhood, Nørrebro. Here lie such great Danes as Hans Christian Andersen and Søren Kirkeaard and other great Danish artists, politicians and writers.

And the ghosts are definitely here, walking around you really feel the presence of the historic figures. The cemetery’s administrative center even offers guided tours in the evening to the most famous graves with stories about their lives and deaths.

But the famous dead inhabitants are not the real reason why I like this place. It is a huge garden, big enough to serve both as a park and a mourning place, where you want to be alone. Another really nice thing about this place is that even though it is located between two very busy streets, there is totally quiet - like entering into another world.
So whenever I need a break from the city haze I go into Assistens and relax...

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Romeika sagde ...

In Randers, where I used to live before, I had a cemitery view from the balcony, but it doesn't sound creepy at all, as it was nothing but a beautiful green area with lots of trees, one couldn't even see the graves. And it was a common place for people go exercising or walking the dog:-) So I know what you're talking about.