lørdag den 8. november 2008

Nicloe Kidman will play Lili Elbe

This is pretty big news. I just read that Nicole Kidman is to star as Einer Mogens Wegener, in a movie about the Danish painter who was the first man to have a sex change operation. Charlize Theron will be playing his wife the very talented painter and illustrator Gerda Wegener.
It is according to the hollywoodreporter.com that the story of this fascinating couple will be turned into a film with such heavy leading ladies as Nicole and Charlize. Based on a fictional bestseller by David Eberstorff about the couple, I wonder how much of the actual story we’re gonna get from the film. But any how it will be interesting to se.
Einer was married to Gerda Wegener and they were quite a famous couple in living in Copenhagen in the 1920s. Apparently Einar’s female alias Lili Elbe was created when Gerda, lacking a female model, asked him to pose for her as a woman – and he from then on developed as the transsexual Lili Elbe with the support of his wife.This is Lili Elbe after the sex change operation:
Gerda worked as a painter and illustrator creating beautiful painting and drawings for among others French Vougue.

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Romeika sagde ...

I read about it recently, and it sounds like a challenging role for Nicole. It was also interesting to know little about Lili Elbe's story, I can only image how hard it must have been during those times. I didn't know about "his" wife's work as a paintor and illustrator, beautiful images! Looking forward for the film.. Have a lovely weekend! :)

Anonym sagde ...

http://www.feministe.us/blog/ <-- bloggen jeg nævnte :)

Det blir rigtigt interessant med lily elbe filmen, jeg synes det er noget pjat at sætte kvindelige skuespillere til at spille mænd der blir til kvinder.. Men det er en god historie.

Nerd Girl sagde ...

Ja, jeg synes faktisk også at det er en skam - som om man ikke rigtig vil være ved at det er en mands krop fra starten.