mandag den 6. oktober 2008

The return....

Ever since I saw the poster for it I've been excited about it. From the poster 'Brideshead revisited' looked like it would bring more of that wonderful 1920s follies.
I must admit that I've never read the book or seen the whole TV-series. But I do remember the setting, which was brilliant - and the costumes.

In fact I was a little disappointed by Julia’s costumes, who I loved the TV-show for the exact 20s chick style. In the movie version it was the men’s fashion that I found the most interesting - well apart from this Julia in this lovely dress below:

The men's fashion focused around the old British college style, with which I guess you can never go wrong. It's the scenes with Charles and Sebastian that make this film interesting. Matthew Good as Charles and Ben Whishaw as Sebastian have a beautiful balance of both intimacy and distance.

I’m however never really convinced by Charles’ fascination with Sebastian’s family and wealth and ufortunately the lovestory between Julia and Charles never seems real - I'm not sure why.

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