onsdag den 29. oktober 2008

Everything else was borrowed on Monday night

The Streets hit Copenhagen Monday night and fortunately for us Mike Skinner’s immune system had him back on stage after a cancellation in Oslo the day before. His performances at the Roskilde festival last summer and the year before have become legendary, and the fact that he loves Copenhagen (or at least that’s what the news papers say) just persuades you to like him even more.

And Monday night at KB Hallen Mr. Skinner did help to make my start of the week a lot nicer. For some reason this guy who started out with the whole hooligan, London geezer attitude has turned into a nature-loving, all embracing, positive party maniac. I still love his music – the lyrics are brilliant and many of them have become classics in my book. So as the dark winter is closing in on us here and it was so nice disappear in to a party of jumping and singing lead by The Streets.
The set list was great – all the hits together with good ones from his new album.

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