mandag den 20. oktober 2008

A Nazi-docu - and why a swimming bath became place of the month in September

Leni Reifenstahl’s ’Fest der Schönheit’ at the swimming bath
Place of the month in September (I know it’s a bit late) is Øbro Swimming bathjust because of this amazing experience. I know this sound insane but it’s true. Hitler’s favourite movie director was a very interesting women. Leni Riefenstahl is the woman behind the camera in the famous documentary about the 1936 Olympics in Berlin and it was shown at a public swimming bath here in Copenhagen last month.
It was such a cool experience. This film is very very special in the sense that it celebrates the beauty of the human body. The cinematography is amazing even though it is a sort of propaganda film for the ‘pure race’, the perfect athletic body - and to some degree also the Nazi-regime. The setting of the swimming bath was perfect as the architecture dates back to the same period with columns and grand spaces. Live comments were brought throughout the filmn by Danish film legend Jørgen Leth.

This exclusive event happened last month during the Copenhagen historic festival Golden Days - a festival every second year dealing with a new historical period and this time about the 1920s and 1930s. - So there is a reason for my 1920s style obsession -
Anyway, this documentary is about the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936, but it is so artistic, you should see some of it for yourself in this clip.

Leni Riefenstahl is a very interesting woman and she is a sure candidate for Nerd Girl's next inquiry at the local library.

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