lørdag den 26. april 2008

Carrot cake for a sunny afternoon

Spring is slowly showing its face here in Copenhagen with a blue sky and warm sunshine. But as a true Nerd Girl, I’m staying indoors with my nose in a book. I'll write more about that book, when I've finished it.

To truly enjoy this lovely season I’ve made a delicious carrot cake, - completely organic, of course.
The thing is that these types of cakes don’t really look al that tasty when you make them. I mean the pastry actually looks like vomit. For a second I had my doubts about the taste of the finished cake.
But luckily it turned out to be a juicy rich flavoured combination of cinnamon and carrot.

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Anonym sagde ...

i LOVE baking--the cake looked lovely despite the vomit-esque batter lol. and good for you for making it all organic! :)
ps. i LOVE your banner!