fredag den 2. maj 2008

A small, but very cool collection

A very sweet and simple collection by Texan artist Alyson Fox caught my eye today. Alyson Fox has made a wall/winter and a spring/summer collection with sustainable materials and according to her website the collections are ‘very eco-friendly’. As much as I’m an enthusiastic environmentalist I still hesitate when it comes to the label ‘eco-friendly’ in fashion.

Eco-friendly clothing is nothing new – but it’s hopefully becoming of a better quality. I remember my mother getting me organic socks and underwear as a teenager. It was a nightmare! – The elastic band in socks and knickers would basically disappear after the first wash. Just imagine that; as teenager walking around with your underwear and your socks slowly loosening and dropping down in pants and shoes. Not funny. So I guess that experience has made me forever suspicious of organic clothes, even though I’m completely for the general concept.The really good thing about Alyson Fox’s Small Collection is that the designs are so cool. The shapes are loose, but in that 20s and 30s style, that I really like. Both the summer and winter dresses come off as very elegant and the fabrics don’t appear fragile at all. In the two video look books you get a good idea of Alyson Fox’s general style. It’s too bad that you can’t buy this too bad that you can’t buy the Small collection online.

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