lørdag den 24. maj 2008


Premiering at Cannes last year this sweet Lebanese film ‘Caramel’ has finally been released in Denmark. It sounds delicious, but the caramel is actually used as wax, also called ‘sugaring’. I went to see it without any expectations at all which is often when you get the best movie experiences.
It is a very sensual film about five different women around a beauty parlour in Beirut. It evolves around each of their personal problems with love and female life. These powerful inner dilemmas are related clamly and quitely making them even more heartfelt.
What makes this film so special is not only the pace and the patience it gives this women, it's also the way humour and irony help create a realitic image of women's lives - whether they live in Beirut, America or Europe.It's been said about this film that it's a Lebanese version of 'Sex and the city' - I think it's better because even though it also deals with love and sex, the women in Caramel have a more natural and sensual chrisma than the New Yoker girls. So go see it before it's too late - I dont't think this one will be avaliable on DVD here in Denmark. In Copenhagen it's showing at Gloria.

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