mandag den 21. april 2008

Place of the month April:

The oldest bakery in Copenhagen
For this month’s place I’ve selected Sct. Peder’s Bakery. It is the oldest bakery in Copenhagen,dating back to 1652 and is located in the mid-evil part of the city right across from the Sct. Petri church. Ever since I can remember Sct. Perder’s bakery has been making certain day-of-the-week type of pastry. Especially their ‘Wednesday-snails’ are famous – not as in real snails, but as in these: Cinnamon snails are a classic when it comes to real Danish pastry. But the ones they make at Sct. Peder’s Bakery are larger than you normal ‘snail’. They're huge and taste so good. It not only on Wednesdays this bakery is worth a visit, though. A few years ago the interior of this small bakery was redone and it now also has a very small ‘café’, where you can enjoy al the other great types of bread and pastry – like the Thursday chocolate horn.

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