torsdag den 3. april 2008

The House in my Head

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing a few of Randi & Kartine’s art-installations. These two young Danish artists make the most wonderful houses that trigger your imagination with their surprising movements. They are model houses but with a lot of soul and life inside.
The exposition is shown at Gl. Strand and even though it is very small, it still proves that Randi & Katrine can bring weird and strange ideas to life. Shaped like human heads with the windows as eyes and doors as mouths the houses each have different moving features which adds life and mystery.

There is a playful and theatrical feeling in the exhibition that I don’t think I’ve experienced since I as a child saw pieces by Jean Tinguely – but Randi & Katrine are simpler in their work and leave more to your imagination and this really intrigues me. I hope it will one day be possible to see larger exhibitions with their work.

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Amy Clarke sagde ...

The house is incredible - I wish I could see it in person, I bet it's amazing up close.