lørdag den 19. april 2008

Celebrating political women

On Sunday - tomorrow- it's the 100 th anniversary for the Danish women’s right to vote and be elected in local elections – an important milestone on the road to women's complete right vote, which came in Denmark in 1915. Tomorrow a huge celebration will take place in the Town Hall square with open air concerts with among others the cool JaConfetti, delicious foods and a lot of interesting debates going on about women in politics. All over town powerful women – not only politicians – are interviewed in public about their different roads to power. I love these type of historical event and I think it's important to recognise the historical perspectives in our democratic development. Without the efforts of historical nerd girls and women a hundred years ago our reality would look completely different.

The very cool Danish artist Katirne Ærtebjerg has put her picture on the poster as you see above. Her artwork can also be seen on her website and she also has a piece at the Danish National Gallery. I really like her imaginary cartoon-like world, it is spooky with fairytale facination. Her heavy brush strokes and the strong colours remind me a bit of O’keefe’s pictures.A special scarf has been designed by Danish designer Susanne Rützou to mark the occasion.
It is inspired by the classical PLO-scarf, but it’s pink and decorated with small women’s symbols and 100-signs. I think it's a cool way of marking this historical event and the design is modern, but perfect for all types of women.
It can be bought tomorrow at the town hall square and then on at Susanne Rützou’s own shop here in Copenhagen.
So all Nerd Girls unite and come to the celebration tomorrow - it will be going on all day!

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